[Volunteers-list] Introduction - Gareth

Gareth Llewellyn gareth at brasshorncommunications.uk
Thu Apr 5 12:04:42 UTC 2018

Hello All,

I usually introduce myself in a manner similar to that of my twitter bio (@networkstring); An anti Internet censorship / surveillance trouble maker.

I am Director of;

Ablative Hosting Ltd, aiming to make dual stack (clearnet/onion) webhosting easy for people who need censorship evasion / wish to respect anonymity of their visitors (notably those communities affected by the UKs Digital Economy Act 2017);

Brass Horn Communications, a non-profit "ISP" built to run Tor Exit infrastructure in the UK and as a platform for other privacy enhancing works (e.g. holding "Surveillance Self Defense" workshops)

I am also a "core volunteer" with the UK's OpenRightsGroup helping to build tools such as https://blocked.org.uk our UK Internet Censorship detection platform (https://www.blocked.org.uk/credits )

I mostly work on censorship evasion but have dabbled in pre/post arrest data sanitization / service recovery (RIPACrypt / s53 / PacketFlagon HydraProxy) due to the UKs forced decryption laws and increasing Police intervention against Proxies etc.

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