[Volunteers-list] Thanks for volunteering!

erinn at openprivacy.ca erinn at openprivacy.ca
Wed Apr 4 22:17:34 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

 I wanted to take a minute to give a huge THANK YOU for volunteering your time and skills to Open Privacy.  We have been a little overwhelmed by the amazing response to our announcement last week, and we’re so grateful to have you with us on this journey.

 As Open Privacy is still in its infancy, we’re mostly focused on administration and writing grant proposals at the moment.  Dan and Sarah are going to be focusing on Ricochet/Cwtch (metadata-resilient messaging over Tor), while I’m working on funding Shatter Secrets (crossing borders with encrypted devices) and something called Inimitable Onions (seize-and-surveil resistance for Onion Services).  We also submitted an intervention to the FairPlay piracy/censorship public CRTC proceedings, which you can find here if you’re interested: https://services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/ListeInterventionList/Documents.aspx?ID=272822&en=2018-0046-7&dt=i&lang=e

 Our plan for you is to announce on this list when we have tasks for volunteers to help with, and then people can pipe in if their skills/schedule seem like a good fit.  Examples of tasks we’re going to need help with include early design feedback, programming, beta & UX testing, documentation, localization/translation, community outreach, etc.  As mentioned, it will be a little while before we’re ready for this, so please stay tuned.  Of course, feel free to email one of us directly if you'd like to discuss other project/outreach/etc ideas.

 Thanks again for volunteering; it truly means the world to us.


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